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A young and innovative startup based in Dubai is looking for Internees who have a passion for..

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Ecommerce
  • Design
  • Community building
  • Marketing and social media influence
  • Creating an impact for a better world


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Internship Overview

Ecommerce and digital startups Internship is an Equity paid internship program designed for students based in Dubai who want to try the experience of working at Ecommerce & other digital startups

During the program students will:

  • gain an understanding of how an early-stage startup functions
  • be assigned to projects based on their skill set and the startup’s business strategy
  • experience true action learning by having an opportunity to immerse themselves in startup life
  • work side-by-side with the founding team and collaborate with a mentor

Why you should apply:

  • Get training in functional areas such as: T shirt and Merchandize designs, Ecommerce , Marketing & Sales, Digital Media Marketing, Business development and Entrepreneurship
  • Learning-by-doing- hands on approach for leaning key tenets of Ecommerce and entrepreneurship
  • Get a share/equity in a ecommerce project
  • Be a part of a an innovative Team and work in stimulating and inspiring environment


  • Internees will be expected to complete training provided company, provided through mix on online classes and in person workshops over weekend
  • Internees will be required to help in assist and designing, building, managing and marketing Ecommerce stores and community building Websites eg. T-shit and Merch online store, membership websites for gaming enthusiast etc


After successful completion of 6 weeks program you will be offered Equity/partnership in Ecom or a digital startup

You will receive anywhere between 30% to 40% share/stake in project (i.e Online Store).

The opportunity will leave you enriched in terms of skills and experience! If you are selected for Equity share/ partnership arrangement you will p have a tremendous potential to do well financially in short term and medium term. You can expect to make anywhere from AED 2k to AED 5K per month within 3 months of project launch working part time



This is an internship leading to a partnership/ equity share in fully funded startup; Kindly Don’t apply if you are actively looking for a Job


Q: Who should apply to the entrepreneurship internship?

A: The internship program is open to all college, undergraduate, graduate students based in dubai UAE. Anyone interested in entrepreneurship, innovation, or learning more about startups should apply

Q:What is the time commitment?

A: Participants are required to work 10 hours a week for 6 weeks starting Jun 15th 2021

Q: Will I get paid for Internship?

A: This is equity paid internship that is at end of 6 weeks program you will receive share/percentage in Ecom/online startup which will be funded by us

Q: Will I be working at the startup?

A: The roles will be performed in a remote work setting. With in-person workshops on weekends.

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