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Introduction & Foreword
You see in life, there are really only 3 ways that most people can become rich:
1. Get lucky, and win the lottery.
2. Get lucky, and be born into a wealthy family.
3. Make their own luck, and build a REAL business.
Most people in life who were not lucky to be born into a rich family choose option #1, and hope for a miracle. And while miracles are nice, rather than leave my life to chance, I decided to choose option #3 and take control of my destiny so that I could fulfill my life dream of traveling around the world. And y’know what?I can safely say that I have absolutely, 100%, ZERO regrets!
One of the things I love about option #3 is that unlike #1 & #2, building a business isn’t based on luck. It’s based on LEARNING skills. Unfortunately, what I’ve noticed is that some people seem to think that building a business is “luck” and that some people get “lucky” and they are the ones that succeed. Someone recently left a comment on the Wholesale Ted YouTube channel which showed that they viewed business like this – as luck.
And I’ll tell you now: I see this all the time. People decide they’ll “get rich” and that their pathway to it is to “create a business” and so what do you think they do?
They treat their business as a get-rich-quick-scheme and look for secret “tricks” or “hacks” to getting rich fast. There must be some secret to this whole “business” thing, right? Basically, people are look for magical money machines, where if they “invest $100” they’ll be guaranteed to “get $200 back.”
And so when these people fall for an ad that promised them that if they just spend $500 and buy their “program” they’ll “get rich” overnight…
Surprise surprise, it doesn’t work!
And when it doesn’t work, guess what these people say?
1. That “business” just wasn’t the “right one.”
2. That “businesses” are a “scam” because only some people get “lucky” at “finding a way to make money.”
Well, let me tell you now: businesses aren’t “luck” and while it’s true that there are many ways to building a successful one (and it’s a good idea to pick one that suits your personality) there is no “secret trick” to creating one. In fact, I’ll tell you exactly what a “business” is now. It’s when you:
1. Find or create great products to sell.
2. Put those products in front of the right people.
3. Give those people a great reason to buy.
That’s it! No “secret tricks” here. Do you know why this commentator’s business “failed”?
It’s because they treated business like a Magical Money Vending Machine, rather than learning how to do those 3 things well. And let me tell you: learning to do those 3 things well will not come overnight. And every person’s journey to learning those 3 things well will be different. Some people will have natural talent & learn it fast. For others, it will take much longer.
But once you learn how to do those 3 things well, you quickly discover that there are opportunities EVERYWHERE and it’s not based on “luck.” That’s why I was able to successfully import products from overseas & sell them for huge profits when I was just 15:
And so inside this ebook, you aren’t going to learn any “tricks.” Instead, you’re going to learn how successful 6-figure & 7-figure stores are doing these 3 things well:
1. You’ll discover how 6-figure online stores find passionate products customers love.
2. You’ll learn how 6-figure online stores advertise directly to the right customers.
3. Plus you’ll find out how 6-figure stores make customers want to buy from them.
Something else you’ll learn: these stores also used beginner-friendly product sourcing techniques. You see, in the past, to open an online store, you usually had to spend thousands of dollars purchasing products to resell, hoping that people would buy them. But now, thanks to sourcing methods like Print On Demand & Dropshipping – new stores don’t have to do that.
So, just what is Print On Demand & Dropshipping? If you already know, feel free to skip these chapters. But if you don’t, keep reading because I am literally going to teach you how to sell products that don’t even exist yet!

Course Curriculum

How To Sell Phantom Products With Print On Demand Details 00:25:00
How To Sell Hyper-Viral Products With Dropshipping Details 00:10:00
Advance Computing
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